found this again, omg i am dying of laughter



30 Days of Ron Weasley

Day 9: Favorite ship involving Ron

Interviewer: How do you see your characters evolving ?
Rupert: Well. Ron and Hermione are definitely friends now. But, it’s gonna change. They are definitely something else. They are soulmates. I think they end up together. But it’s a secret, don’t tell her I said that.



I always reblog this scene. I love it so much. The way he looks at her.

Emma: Its quite rock’n’roll, which is not really an image I usually portray, playing kind of nerdy, geeky Hermione Granger…

Hermione and Neville remind me so much of what we know of the friendship between Lily and Remus…Remus was very much the outsider and Lily the smart muggleborn who was always helping him when the rest rejected him…rings a bell?